Printers, copiers and the rest of your office equipment always seems to be designed to fail at the most crucial time; around 4:15 pm every Friday with 9 settlements and 4 clients waiting to sign off on proposals. If it’s not a jam, you’ve run out of toner; guaranteed.

In every office printers, copiers and scanners are a ‘necessary evil’. Your printers, copiers and scanners are cost centre’s that are operation crucial; you can’t afford to be without them at anytime.

As Fuji Xerox Premier Partners, our standard monthly supply agreements come with the industry renowned Fuji Xerox Direct on-site manufacturers service guarantee; including all toners, service, parts, labor and travel as a full life time warranty, regardless of age and usage and more importantly, a ‘hot swap’ guarantee that absolutely ensures the machine will be replaced with a same for same unit next day if repair or parts are delayed.

Furthermore, every unit of the over 50,000 in the Fuji Xerox national fleet is monitored 24/7 for all service functions, so your machine will actually tell us when it’s next preventative service visit, parts replacement or toner is required, and then order that from Fuji Xerox National Head Office automatically without your involvement at all; perfect for when every day is ‘that Friday’. You need a year-round reliability and consumables supply guarantee.

This means you have a completely bulletproof, and future-proof, solution supported by the largest and longest established printer company in the world, with service coming directly from Fuji Xerox’s own service network, with a guaranteed response and hot-swap guarantees.

Here at PrinterCo we understand that when you’re a small business, printer replacement isn’t always an option when that vital piece of office tech breaks down, and we also know that small business printers won’t always cut it. That is why we offer Fuji Xerox printers, an ideal printer for any small business; complete with the benefit of PrinterCo’s top-of-the-line print services.

It’s time to change to a future-proof piece of printing technology.