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By using national marketing funds, you pay nothing to cancel your lease and start fresh with a simple month by month plan.

Lifetime no-cost supply of all toner, delivery & service
Covers you with our 5 year+ Guarantee – for a life time of  free toners, drums,parts, labor and unique 24/7 personal tech  hotline for worry-free usage and all software updates.

A3 options at A4 pricing and machine size
For far less than you pay now, you can upgrade to a high speed A3 machine that fits on a standard filing cabinet, or replace your over-expensive A3 unit with one that costs half of what you’re paying.

Completely flexible monthly supply plans 
No business can afford to be locked into a 5 year fixed lease with no way out, as you may be now.Our simple plans give you complete control and flexibility with the ability toup grade, downsize, add or decrease units and hand back if required.

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