PrinterCo is the biggest and premier distributor of Xerox solid ink printer cartridges. We have a wide array of solid wax sticks for the entire Xerox printer range. Even if you own the different ones, you’ll find the compatible cartridges or toners with us.

We offer the most aggressive and competitive pricing on all the Xerox solid ink printers and their accessories, so while shopping with us you can rest assured that not only will you get 100% genuine/original items but will also get it at the best price in the market.

Why Use Xerox Solid Ink Cartridge?

  • By using Xerox Solid Ink printer you’ll get high-quality print on a consistent basis. When you opt for genuine accessories or printer cartridge, you get up to 27% of more page prints compared to other alternatives.
  • The cartridges are tested before being sold in the market hence there’s no risk or adulteration in the product quality or whatsoever.
  • Aftermarket or other solid ink printer cartridge alternatives may seem cheaper in the short run but may obstruct your daily business routines due to the faulty and inferior quality of the toner or the wax sticks. It will eventually affect your business and the end day productivity.
  • The solid ink’s quality has been proved by several tests and they have been found to deliver superior quality and overall printing results.

Solid Ink Toner Cartridge Is Easy To Load

Xerox solid ink printer is so easy to use that even children don’t find any trouble loading it. We ourselves tested the claim and were left stunned by the effortless process it took.

The wax sticks come printed with a number that allows a user to load the sticks into the right slot. We know how hard it is to load ink cartridges into other printers, sometimes even spilling the ink. However, this is not the case with solid ink, there’s no spillage, thus, loading gets easier.

If your existing printer is giving you worries each and every time you use it, it’s a telltale of a necessary change. Bring the Xerox solid ink printer home and never face stress again for printing papers.

You can rely on the quality and performance of these printers and they won’t disappoint you ever. Plus its cartridge prints a lot more pages than the other printers, means you’ll be saving money on ink replacement.

Buy your solid ink printer tonercartridge today. We’ll ship your product with secure packaging in a matter of time and we will ensure you get your order as soon as possible at your doorstep.



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