OFFER EXTENDED- We’ll Finalise Your Printer Contract At Our Cost – SAVING YOU THOUSANDS

 …For March only: Get unlimited .9c black & 9c colour prints, $250 min trade ins –  and no payments at all until the end of JUNE.

High ink & toner costs,  fixing printer issues & wasted hours of downtime rips into your bottom line and crucial staff time.

You can’t afford another year of  tearing up your critical time, dollars, & labor on aging, expensive to run machines when there’s a self funded , no cost solution available right now.

Fuji Xerox Fast-start March Offer

For 30% less than you’re paying on average now, we’ll:  
Supply a new Xerox A4 or A3 multifunction unit on a simple monthly plan, that includes:

  • No payments or copy costs at all until end of June 2018
  • Guaranteed  $250 in your hand for every Trade-in  machine
  • All colour prints at 9c & black at .9 of a single cent
  • This includes both auto-order & on-site supply of all toners, drums, service, labor & parts
  • no additional or hidden costs – ever.
  • World best Fuji Xerox-direct install, training & lifetime service with:
  • regular preventative maintenance and 24/7 Hotline help desk monitoring & tech support 

Unique risk-free Supplies, Service & Supply plan 

There’s no hidden costs or tricky contracts to worry about – just a flexible, easy to read monthly supply account that includes all of the above – and can be varied at any time without penalties if your needs or situation changes.

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