Why PrinterCo 1: Our world-first online & phone contact, with Fuji Xerox- direct service removes high sales, admin and warehousing costs you’re paying now. This saves you thousands every year.

Why PrinterCo 2: You Receive 24/7 monitoring, toner, parts, labour, travel and regular, programmed preventative maintenance visits when required.

Why PrinterCo 3: Unique Fuji Xerox ‘supply.monitor.manage’ software tracks every one of your machines print and service needs 24/7 (incl all existing units) to gives you spectacular up-time – all the time. You’ll never run out of toner or have a machine outage again….Ever.

Why PrinterCo 4: Dump the mess of finance, service, toner and delivery  bills every few days. You get a single invoice for all units, service and toners,with plenty of time to ok before payment. You can vary your plan to upgrade, downgrade, or even hand back any excess units at any time- without any ‘ break penalties’  or hidden costs.