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MYTH#1 You cannot break your business Managed Print Service Agreement.

MYTH#2 If your try and break your business Managed Print Services Agreement it will cost you

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Why Solid Ink Printers?

  • Unlike conventional liquid ink printers, solid ink printers use coloured wax.
    When a user gives a print command, the solid wax sticks heat up to a melting point and release droplets to the printhead. The printhead then transfers the ink to the cylinder, imprinting the ink onto the paper.
  • Solid Ink lasts longer than other inks and doesn’t dry if kept unused for long periods of time.
  • Solid Ink Printers produce stunningly bright and vivid colour pictures.
  • Using a Fuji Xerox Solid Ink Printer can reduce printing wastage up to 90%, as you can print more pages at less expense.
  • Solid Ink cartridges are highly eco-friendly, with greatly reduced waste in comparison to regular ink and toner cartridges that come wrapped in tons of plastic packaging.

PrinterCo offers a wide range of Fuji Xerox Solid Ink Printers and copiers. You can check out the product line up and choose what will fit your business and personal needs. Whether you print fresh or make a photocopy, the results will always be remarkable.

We also provide the lowest price possible for Fuji Xerox printers and solid ink sticks or toner. We believe good things should not be expensive, hence; we have kept our business goals growth-oriented.

So, give your business a new direction with the use of Solid Ink Printers. Impress your clients; bring blueprints and digital pictures to life with high colour accuracy and a glossy texture. Your projects deserve the best, and Fuji Xerox Solid Ink Printers are the best.

Our Mission

At PrinterCo, our mission is to minimize the carbon footprint by spreading the use of Green Products. We envision a world where cutting-edge printing technology reaches everybody, not just big businesses, and the toll of printing doesn’t weigh heavy on natures shoulders.

Fuji Xerox Solid Ink Toner is a better solution to the inevitable need for eco-destructive liquid ink cartridges. Stop burning through your resources and reduce the harm to the environment with the excessive use of plastic.

Small steps often prove to be more significant to a business, so take a small step by changing the way how you print; minimize miscellaneous expenses and catapult your business growth.

Buy a Fuji Xerox printer or copier now!

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